Monday, June 16, 2008

Quick Update

Another week has gone by, and another set of girls have graced my presence. They were a great group, and very different from the week prior. This week we learned Leave No Trace, practiced yoga, went horseback riding, and did lots of outdoor cooking.

I rode for the first time in years, on my buddy Stripes. He's a bit ornery, but we came to an understanding. I had a blast!

I took a side trip up FR 30 to sit by the river for awhile. I was fortunate enough to see a herd of wild Big Horn Sheep (or Rams, I've been told both names). I also saw a snake, a bull snake, I think. It frightened me a little since I almost stepped on it!

The weather has finally turned into summer, and the grounds are drying out. The big puddles in front of the dining hall are still around, but shrinking. However, snow dusted the grounds early last week. Snow in June, absolutely beautiful!

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