Monday, June 9, 2008

New Adventure

Just over two weeks ago I embarked on a grand adventure. Not the typical type of adventure with world travels, but an adventure nonetheless. I have taken on the role of Camp Director for a Girl Scout camp in central Idaho.

Over the past couple of weeks I have learned that the title "Camp Director", is a title of many faces. I am an administrator, organizer, event planner, mentor, big sister, and resident mom, to name a few. I have become teacher, fire builder, expert marshmallow roaster, and yoga instructor.

I have had the good fortune to have a wonderful staff by my side. The senior staff and counselors are amazing individuals, all bringing something personally special to the board. Each person has begun to take on a role of their own with pride and enthusiasm.

I have witnessed the timid camper grow, and begin to shed her shell. I have seen the overbearing girl learn to respect herself, as well as others around her. I have also born witness to the counselors beginning to come into their own.

I have had to rush my maintenance man to the emergency room (an hour away) to put staples in his head. One camper stubbed her piggy toe so badly it swelled up to the size of her big toe, and yesterday, one girl had a disagreement about which direction to go with her mountain bike. Although there were some bumps and bruises, overall this week is deemed entirely successful!

What an amazing feeling it is to be part of this world. Out here there are no cell phones, no Internet, and the only electricity comes from a propane powered generator. This is definitely the life.

As my Internet capabilities are somewhat hindered by the beautiful mountains (I would have it no other way), my blog will be sporadically updated with my adventures.

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