Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Clandestine Soak at Kirkham Hot Springs

Climbing through the last crevice after scrambling over slick rocks, I entered a new world. Steam swirled all around obstructing my view of anything solid. Rock formations took on ethereal shapes. The river rushed by to my right, adding its own voice to the scenario. The wind briefly swept by, momentarily wiping away the steam and mist. Before me a beautiful landscape stood exposed. I basked in the beauty of Kirkham Hot springs. Snow began to fall lightly dusting my hair and jacket, melting as it met with the heated spring air. Hot water tumbled over age old boulders filling the crystal clean pool. The temperature was a bit too warm for me, almost, clocking in between 109 -106 degrees. Nevertheless, an excellent soak was still to be had. Kirkham Hot Springs is located in the Boise National Forest shortly beyond Lowman, ID. In the summer months camping spots are sometimes available. The pools are under night time closure year round due to behavior unbecoming of my fellow hot-springers. You can be seen from the road above, so swim wear is highly recommended, and required in the spring/summer months. As always, when partaking in the glories of Mother Nature, tread lightly, silently, and leave her in better shape than you found her.

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Simon Stargazer III said...

Reminiscent of the hot springs in Red's Meadows just off the John Muir trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. My brother and I and two other hikers treked down the trail through the mountains from Yosemite National Park starting on the 19th of June in two feet of snow. It was glorious!

Thanks for rekindling the memory!

Jim Haworth AKA Simon Stargazer III