Monday, March 26, 2007

A glorious day of sun, snow and soaking

Idaho never ceases to amaze me. Every turn of every corner one finds something different. This past weekend I traveled into the Krassel district, near Warm Lake. In the mountains where winter is trying to hold on tight while spring pushes through, the sun warms your skin. The roads were clear all the way to Mile 16 hot springs. I arrived to see a few people soaking, which is not uncommon. It gave me the opportunity to go for a small hike that was a few miles down the road.
During my hike I heard a choir of frogs and toads. I made my way down to the marshes along the South fork of the Salmon River. Nary a sight of the musical creatures was to be seen, but it was truly amazing. I then traversed back to the small pull out to enjoy my much anticipated soak.
The pool was freshly refilled, and was a perfect 104 degrees. Sitting a few feet above the river, Mile 16 offers breathtaking views of the Salmon River. (It is important to note that during winter months the drive can be quite treacherous, a 4x4 is highly advised. Also, spring run off can affect the pool. I visited last June to find the pool completely submerged, a first in my experience.)The pool is deep, covering most of your body while sitting. It is fed by a man made spout. There is plenty of room for your closest friends to enjoy. Swim suits are optional, but be aware that you can be seen from most of the trail. The river makes enough noise to hide footsteps coming down the trail. A serene soak in a majestic setting. What a wonderful way to spend my Saturday.

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