Friday, September 19, 2008


There are times when we must reevaluate our purpose and goals in what we do in life. SokerGrrl is one of those aspects of my life that has needed some reordering. I am so thrilled with the success that I have experienced with SokerGrrl, however I have strayed from my original path and such have let SokerGrrl fall to the wayside.

While exploring this path I have discovered that there is a new, more focused direction I would like to head in. On that note, SokerGrrl will be transitioning into is the embodiment of what I would like to achieve, connecting women with nature.

I will be moving my, and your, favorite posts onto Also, Suniechick will be the place to go as a woman in the outdoors to find the information that we all are searching for. Regardless if you're looking for how to's, recipes, environmental updates, or to hear about my adventures, you'll find it there.

Thank you for your support and well wishes. I hope to see you all on

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