Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lovely Layers

It's that time of year when we want to be out enjoying Mother Nature as much as possible before she hits us head on with winter. At times the crisp temperatures lead to a snuggle by the fire instead of a frolic through the park. We women are more than capable of enduring a jaunt through the snow blanketed forest, just keep our fingers and toes warm!

I say give me polypro, fleece and my rain proof shell. Give me my base, middle and top layers, and I can take on the world! Of course there are always exceptions. In extreme weather, one must practice caution and common sense. When preparing to take advantage of the cooler seasons, knowledge is our greatest tool. Knowing what to expect and also remembering that a day spent by the fire isn't all bad.

Layers are very important to exercise when hiking. They allow you to stay cool or warm up as needed.

Base Layer: this should be one that wicks away moisture from the body. Sweat is moisture too. Polypro and silk work well as a base. Cotton should be avoided as it traps moisture and takes time to dry.

Middle Layer: here is where one of my favorite materials gets used, fleece! Worn for extra warmth over the base layer.

Top Layer: for the outer layer you're looking for something wind proof and water repellent. There are a variety of styles of nylon type jackets that would work perfectly for this. Nylon pants are a must for an outer layer.

Don't forget the extremities either. Gloves, socks and headgear can all be layered as well. We've got to keep those fingers and toes warm to get the most out of all the seasons!

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