Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Visit to Vulcan

Along FR 474 S in the Boise National forest you'll take a short hike and come upon one of Idaho's most unique hot springs. Vulcan hot springs provides an unexpected treat to us hot springers. It can be described as more of a hot river than simply a pool. It's dammed in a few places to provide soaking, but the main pool is the golden egg. Large enough to practically swim laps in, yet shallow enough to comfortably kneel, Vulcan sits at approximately 105 degrees. This temperature has varied with people trying to adjust the pool. Recently the pool has been widened, unnecessarily. The creek/river varies from 98 to 109 degrees at its source.

As beautiful and serene as Vulcan appears, there are some draw backs. I worry that the water flow may not be very high due to its size. Also, I have encountered some red spider mite/chigger bites on my various visits. The pool is easily accessible, with bountiful camping at the trail head and throughout the Boise National Forest. With this comes over use, trash, and disrespect for Mother Earth. You'll more than likely pass a group going in or out, but I would still highly recommend a visit.

Rumor has it that "big brother" wants to harness the geothermal power or the Vulcan complex. This would take it away from all of us. Please do your part in keeping this area beautiful.

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Hot Springs Guy said...

Ahhh, Vulcan - sweet soak indeed. Keep up the good work, yo.